Premium Flower

Our pouch style packages allow you to easily reach in and grab that beautiful nug you desire.  Re-sealable to keep in freshness and aromas. (Soon available in compostable material)


Available in 2, 4, 8 gram Premium Flower

Pre-roll Flower Joints

3 sleek .4g joints in 109mm cones made of unbleached, ultra thin natural rice paper with a 40 mm filter.  Our method of preparing the flowers and filling the cones gives the toke a smooth draw full of flavor.

Sugar Babes and Sugar Shake

Grams of goodness (just not as big nugs!) We take the little popcorn babes and the hand trimmings then package them up in individual 8 gram portions.  Perfect for a one hit bowl, grinding into your own joints, making butters or tinctures.  Full of kief (sugar) and potent like their bigger sister nugs.


Golden Sunshine!  Full of flavor and potent to the extreme.  Use for dabbing or other high potency uses; some spread it on rolling papers or place it in pills ~ use your imagination and prepare for launch!

Thank you for choosing Washington Bud Company.

It’s BE HAPPY! time.

Please know your health and satisfaction are important to us.  We are boutique batch growers of artisan strains and our genetics have withstood the test of time as naturally resistant.  We rely upon only environmental controls and biological solutions for pest and mold management such as beneficial insects and natural deterrents to bring you clean cannabis to safely enjoy.

Here is a list of products/methods we use:
Predatory insects, Diatomaceous Earth, Bacillus Thuringiensis, Indole-3-butyric Acid, Air Purification

Azadirachtin, Pyrethrins, Isaria Fumosorosea or Sulphur may be used on occasion

Current Strains




Indica dominant, heavy buds on short stems.

We were gifted this strain through a friend of the family who developed it to perfection for the Pacific NW climate and palette.

16.08mg terpenes – Myrcene, Limonene, Linalool dominant; gives it a spicy and smooth smoke for a relaxing experience; deep bluish green, russet pistils

THC: ≈25%   CBD: ≈1%




Sativa dominant, highly aromatic buds on tall strong stems. Urban legend has it this strain came directly from Oakland’s Harborside. Regardless, this IS the original high CBD based upon genetic tissue testing by Phylobioscience*.


18.26mg terpenes – Myrcene; a-Pinene dominant; floral bitters flavor that numbs; bright green with autumn hues.

THC: ≈5%  CBD: ≈10%




Sativa dominant, sticky big nugs on elegant plants.

This strain came from a long time PNW horticulturist. It’s a unique phenotype of proprietary parentage with the typical lanky features of a sativa’s uplifting effect and the dense nugs of a kush.

24.9mg terpenes – Myrcene, a&- Pinene, Caryophyllene dominant; sweet; soft green-gold with orange pistils.

THC: ≈25%   CBD: ≈1%



Indica dominant, power-packed buds on delicate stems that thrive with attention to pruning. Humbolt County bred, the zesty flavors and chill effect are so memorable it keeps people asking for more. It is not a big yielder so quantities are limited but we could not hold back from bringing this potent strain to the rec market – get it when it is available!

19.28mg terpenes- Pugetone, Limonene, Caryophyllene dominant; skunky earth with mint and citrus; smokey green with golden pistols.

THC: ≈25%   CBD: ≈1%