Cannabis as a topical therapy has been used by many cultures for centuries.

The formulation of Canis is based on ancient methods and improved to meet today’s standards. We use simple ingredients for non-greasy, fragrance free products that have no intoxicating effects nor show up in blood tests to gently sooth you and the ones you love.

Science has discovered our bodies have CB2 receptors just below the surface of our skin that respond favorably to cannabis. When nerves become overstimulated they fire pain signals to the brain. The cannabinoids in Canis trigger a cascade of natural biological responses that act like a key in a lock to turn down chronically active pain signals.

Our cold process allows the dozens of cannabinoids found in the whole plant to work together; it’s referred to as ‘The Entourage Effect’. It’s not about levels of THC nor CBD but the combination of all the compounds that makes our topical formulas effective for temporary relief from all sorts of discomfort. The reason Canis works so well for so many things is because it acts to relieve inflammation, provides antiseptic (kills bacteria) and analgesic (numbing) benefits giving you a choice of relief without the high and no adverse side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Canis has been known to be effective for many maladies so keep it handy and use it freely when you feel discomfort. Visit our web site for more information on Canis and how it works.


Non-greasy •  Fragrance Free •  Roll On Application

This non-intoxicating, fast absorbing liniment is perfect to apply where it hurts. The cold processing preserves the natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal properties of the cannabis herbal blend for temporary relief from all sorts of discomfort. Keep it handy and use it freely!


When you ache all over immerse yourself in a Canis bath for a non-greasy; fragrance free soothing soak. Our non-intoxicating cannabis and herbal formula is infused into therapeutic Epsom and Dead Sea salts which adds anti inflammatory, anti-fungal properties for temporary relief and skin soothing benefits.

Canis is for topical use only and not intended to treat or cure any disease.