Washington Bud Company

We are propelled by the vision of prospering as a multi-generational company while establishing a legacy in the future of the cannabis industry.

We are accomplishing this by creating quality cannabis products that are requested by name: Washington Bud Company

We began providing quality cannabis in 2012 for patients of safe access points. We are honored to now bring our exquisite strains to the 21 + cannabis consumer. Our fans appreciate that we grow for taste and effect; if we enjoy the aromatic flavors and happy experiences, we believe you will, too!


Our Philosophy

Please know your health and satisfaction are important to us. We are boutique batch growers of artisan strains and our genetics have withstood the test of time as naturally resistant. We rely only upon environmental controls and biological solutions for pest and mold management; then we back up our Poison Free claim with Medically Compliant testing according to Chapter 246-70 WAC to ensure your clients have clean cannabis to safely enjoy.

Pest and Mold Management System

Please know that the health, safety and satisfaction of cannabis consumers are important to us. We are boutique batch growers of artisan strains and our genetics have withstood the test of time as naturally resistant but we do rely on some help.

We depend exclusively upon biological and environmental solutions to control pests and molds with natural, non-toxic methods to provide clean cannabis to safely enjoy. Our crops are periodically pesticide and heavy metal tested according to the Washington State Department of Health medically compliant program to prove our clean cannabis claims.

All of products carry our symbol on our labels and many carry the DOH General Use symbol

What we use to keep our products bug and mold free:

  • Beneficial Nematodes species Steinernema Feltiae as soil drench to control specific soil bearing pests. This beneficial bacteria is eaten by undesirable pest larvae and it causes them to explode!
  • Hypoaspis Miles; aka Stratiolaelaps Scimitus soil drench to control additional soil bearing pests. This is a predator bug that lives in the soil and hunts down undesirable root eating bugs!
  • Amblyseius Andersoni predator insect sachets applied to each plant to control leaf eating bugs. These microscopic bugs cannibalize themselves when they run out of other bugs to hunt!
  • Air purification system designed by NASA to keep the air scrubbed of mold spores
  • Indole-3-Butyric Acid use for root cloning
  • H202 cleaning solutions to sanitize the garden after every harvest
  • Note that we DO NOT SPRAY anything on the plants, not even the approved pesticide products!

Growing strong healthy genetics free of plant destroying bugs and molds is the best thing we do to bring you superior cannabis!



Our slogan is BE HAPPY!

Washington Bud Company’s motto is BE HAPPY! The team at WA Bud Co strives for our fans to be happy with the flavorful terpene profiles; be happy with the potent effects; be happy with the variety and the value of our sugar laden flowers.
BE HAPPY! Everyday knowing we have turned a page of history together.

Tag your BE HAPPY! photos #washingtonbudco #behappy  and good things will surely happen!  Thank you, we appreciate all our fans.

We appreciate your patronage!

Seth, Bill and Shawn DeNae Wagenseller Ryan and Amber Newman

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